Portlandia Mermaid Parade

Weird Portland United is pleased to collaborate with the Portlandia Mermaid Parade to produce the 2021 Part of Your World Walking Tour, a festival of all things mermaid and water related! Outdoors, and socially distant, come visit interactive mermaid spaces, educational booths, performances, art installations, a live mermaid tank exhibit and more! Grab your shells and tails and come down to the waterfront for a swimmingly good time!

July 31st, 2021 at Tom McCall Waterfront Park
(between the Morrison Bridge & Salmon Springs Fountain)
This event is free of charge

Please Help Support the Mermaids!

It is becoming increasingly difficult to host grassroot events in Portland, particularly downtown. All costs for this event are paid out of pocket by volunteers in an effort to keep events like this free and accessible to all. Please consider making a contribution to this year’s event fund.

Thank you for your donation

Let’s keep this party going! #weirdportlandunited

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