A Glimpse Behind-the-Scenes: Lois Middleton

There are a number of folks working behind-the-scenes at Weird Portland United who help us with our dream of keeping Portland weird. We appreciate each and every one of those dedicated volunteers and board members who share our vision because we know it takes a village to keep this beast afloat. Thank you, weirdos!

Lois Middleton: Social Media Coordinator

We’d like to introduce you to one of our team members who spends her days mining social media and the dark corners of the web for tasty tidbits of weirdness about the people, places and things that make living in Portland so wonderful. Lois Middleton was tasked with managing our social media presence in early June last year, and what a year it has been! Our chief storyteller, Lois has drawn attention to self-cleaning kitchens, the Oculus Anubis “cult,” notorious crimes in Portland’s past, as well as the unsung heroes of Rose City weirdness. Every day she reminds us of the many reasons we love calling this weird city our home. 

Living in the Portland metro area off/on for over twenty years, Lois is an adventurer at heart. She’s lived a very diverse life that has enabled her to experience as much as she can, and to make as many friends as she can along the way. She states on her blog, “You see, as long as I can remember, I’ve loved all the crazy, wild things that make my adrenaline rush, my heart beat fast, my breath begin to shorten.” Lois’ list of crazy adventures includes skydiving, desert living in a converted van, and recently appearing in the Academy Award-winning film Nomadland. Indeed, what an amazing adventure!

When she’s not writing social media content for Weird Portland, Lois writes reviews for some of her favorite restaurants on Yelp, and also whips up delicious vegan creations in her own kitchen. So here it goes… three cheers for Lois and all of the amazing things she does.

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