A Walk on the Weird Side

Welcome to A Walk On the Weird Side – An Exploration of the Weird and Wonderful Fabric of Portland. Each month Portland writer Anna Alexander shares stories of her personal adventures around the city, as well as recommendations for businesses and sites worth exploring. From 24-hour coin-operated churches worshiping the King, to contraband ringed pastries laced with over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, to a thriving underground organic wrestling scene, Portland has a weird history and we are proud of it. A Walk on the Weird Side is our way of mining those juicy tidbits of weirdness, and sharing them with the community as a whole.

Neighborhood Archive

Mermaid Edition
Roseway NeighborhoodCully Neighborhood
Brooklyn NeighborhoodPiedmont Neighborhood
Montavilla NeighborhoodCuddler: Rose City Park
Rose City Park NeighborhoodNorth Image Neighborhood
Kenton NeighborhoodGoose Hollow Neighborhood
Lair Hill NeighborhoodSt Johns Neighborhood

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