The City’s Best Bike Racks (A Bike Tour)

Portland’s got some nice racks. Other cities have other kinds of racks that garner media attention, but no city sports as nice a set of racks as Portland. Bike racks, of course.

Portland, ever eccentric, just wasn’t willing to settle for the ordinary “staple-style” bike racks, nor the the improved “wave-style” model. Nope, Portland decided to support the racks of individual businesses who wanted to add some unique flare to their sidewalks. Businesses have loved the idea, instead of the usual staple-shaped bolt-on rack, they can get creative and design a rack that will lift and separate their location from that of their neighbor.

Why not check out some of the following bike racks around town when you’re free-wheeling and fancy-free!

  • Egg Beater: Saint Cupcake
    1138 SW Morrison
  • Cruiser Meltdown: Pietrich’s
    23915 SW Scholls Ferry Road
  • Sunflowers
    N Commercial and Killingsworth
  • Coffee Cups: Atomic Pizza
    1936 N Killingsworth Street
  • Easter Island: Alibi
    4024 N Interstate Avenue
  • She and Him: Planned Parenthood
    3727 NE MLK Jr Blvd
  • Braces: Dr Safirstein
    2707 NE 33rd Avenue
  • Hollywood: Hollywood Theater
    4122 NE Sandy Blvd
  • Glamor Glasses: Hollywood District
    NE 40th and Sandy Blvd
  • Mt. Climber: Portland Rock Gym
    21 NE 12th
  • Fruit and Veggie: Alberta Co-Op
    1500 NE Alberta

There are many more bike racks worth mentioning, so you should definitely check out the book PDXccentric: An Odyssey of Portland Oddities by Scott Cook and Aimee Wade. They’ve graciously allowed us to excerpt material from their book for this article. You can order a copy of their book at


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