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The City's Best Bike Racks (A Bike Tour) - Weird Portland United

The City’s Best Bike Racks (A Bike Tour)

Portland’s got some nice racks. Other cities have other kinds of racks that garner media attention, but no city sports as nice a set of racks as Portland. Bike racks, of course.

Portland, ever eccentric, just wasn’t willing to settle for the ordinary “staple-style” bike racks, nor the the improved “wave-style” model. Nope, Portland decided to support the racks of individual businesses who wanted to add some unique flare to their sidewalks. Businesses have loved the idea, instead of the usual staple-shaped bolt-on rack, they can get creative and design a rack that will lift and separate their location from that of their neighbor.

Why not check out some of the following bike racks around town when you’re free-wheeling and fancy-free!

  • Egg Beater: Saint Cupcake
    1138 SW Morrison
  • Cruiser Meltdown: Pietrich’s
    23915 SW Scholls Ferry Road
  • Sunflowers
    N Commercial and Killingsworth
  • Coffee Cups: Atomic Pizza
    1936 N Killingsworth Street
  • Easter Island: Alibi
    4024 N Interstate Avenue
  • She and Him: Planned Parenthood
    3727 NE MLK Jr Blvd
  • Braces: Dr Safirstein
    2707 NE 33rd Avenue
  • Hollywood: Hollywood Theater
    4122 NE Sandy Blvd
  • Glamor Glasses: Hollywood District
    NE 40th and Sandy Blvd
  • Mt. Climber: Portland Rock Gym
    21 NE 12th
  • Fruit and Veggie: Alberta Co-Op
    1500 NE Alberta

There are many more bike racks worth mentioning, so you should definitely check out the book PDXccentric: An Odyssey of Portland Oddities by Scott Cook and Aimee Wade. They’ve graciously allowed us to excerpt material from their book for this article. You can order a copy of their book at


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