Weirdo’s Guide to Surviving Quarantine

Does the shelter-in-place order have you going crazy in Portland? If you’re anything like us you’ve grown tired of decoupaging bottles of Purell, alphabetically organizing your record collection, or prank dialing your friends. Here are some suggested activities from your friends at Weird Portland United. 

Try Out Some New Food Carts

Anthony Brown started his exceptional food cart Nacheaux just as the coronavirus was starting to take hold in Portland. He says “I started a food truck out of a passion to see people smile with the food I created and bring them amazing flavorful food that would rock the tastebuds of anyone. My food is me on a plate, does not fit into any category. It is eclectic and just full of flavor.” Help support local food cart’s like Anthony’s, and order delivery so you can stay home!

Make Masks

Masks are good, masks are bad… make up your frigging minds! Whatever camp you fall in, a handmade mask might be a fun way to spend some time and brighten up a friends day. Here are step-by-step instructions. Consider donating them to folks on the front line, too! They’ll appreciate your efforts. 

Minnie Opal is a local designer who is making coronavirus masks to donate to local health care workers. You can donate money to help her out, or purchase masks of your own.

Cheer Health Care Workers on the Frontlines of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our nurses, doctors, and first responders continue to risk their health and well-being every single day to make sure the sickest among us get the care they need. Other community heroes like grocery store employees, delivery drivers, chefs, and others make sure we have food on the table. Let’s boost the morale for all those who are struggling as well – a nightly reminder that no one is alone. At 7PM, head out to your front porch and make some noise. Bang pots and pans, cheer, clap your hands and show your support. Watch this video to see how they’re doing it in Italy!

Virtual Happy Hour

Holding a virtual meeting with friends – drink in hand – can do wonders for the social soul. Have a virtual happy hour with local friends, old friends, and those you haven’t seen in person for years.

Be Nostalgic – Be a Kid Again 

Watch some of your favorite TV shows or movies from when you were young. Color in coloring books (can order them from Powell’s online if you don’t have any – they have lots of options, including super weird ones) like you did when you were a kid. Do puzzles or play games with the people in your house or virtually. Eat some of your favorite comfort foods from your childhood (mine is macaroni and cheese from a box). 

Stream Some Local Musicians

StrawberryPickle at Rainbow City is lining up a fun schedule full of streaming concerts live from her new venue in the central eastside. Check out their website for a full schedule. Also, check out Portland Mercury for music events taking place during the coronavirus quarantine. 

Start Making Plans for Summer

We all need something to look forward to, and hopefully a beautiful Portland summer is the light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel. Plan some summer cookout recipes. Learn about The Oregon Country Fair. And don’t forget the Weird Homes Tour of Portland!

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