How To Survive As A Creative: Life After Covid Shutdown

By StrawberryPickle, a recipient of WPU’s Keep Portland Alive grants in 2020 for her work on Rainbow City, a colorfully eclectic events space for public and private events.

Feeling a bit lost since Covid lifted? We might be on track to returning to business-as-usual, but what does that even mean anymore? During Covid, many creators bonded online through collaborations, impassioned venting, or showing support to each other when an emphasis on art quickly vanished from the radar of public concern.

Throughout it all, Rainbow City tried to actively stay in touch with as many creators as possible so we could emerge united. It was important for us to preserve a space where artists and Portland weirdos could venture out and view the uniqueness of art created in our city, much of it created under quarantine duress. Indeed, Rainbow City currently welcomes and fosters any and all creators of every media, ranging from live painting, performance arts & music of all genres who have been in need of a place to create their magic.

Rainbow City’s goal has always been to “pay forward” Portland’s glorious weirdness that has been seen all over the city for so many decades. Growing up immersed in Portland-Weird is what has shaped so much of our current generation and we want to keep it going by creating paying jobs for local artists who help support the arts and tourism industry. We firmly believe anyone can do what they love, either full-time or as a side hustle. Staying in a state of flow, especially with other creators, can do wonders for your mental state during these ever-changing times. There is a community for you at Rainbow City!

Our daytime open door afternoon hours allow you to pop in, grab some coffee and talk collabs of all sorts with us. Whether you are stopping in to tour the current creations or interested in doing an art-drop of sorts, please stop by with your friends and have a chat with us!

There is a community for everyone here!

Have you heard about Sword Society? Come join us every Tuesday evening for intense costumed light saber battles, facilitated by Sword Society

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Rainbow City is proud to be an LGBTQ establishment that supports BLM to the fullest.
21 SE 11th Ave, Portland OR 97214
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