Embracing Your Inner Mermaid

by Una the Mermaid

Weird Portland United is pleased to collaborate with the Portlandia Mermaid Parade to produce the 2021 Part of Your World Walking Tour, a festival of all things mermaid and water related! Outdoors, and socially distant, come visit interactive mermaid spaces, educational booths, performances, art installations, a live mermaid tank exhibit and more! Grab your shells and tails and come down to the waterfront for a swimmingly good time!

The Many Faces of Merfolk

When most people think of mermaids, they tend to think of Disney’s Ariel; a pretty maiden with
long flowing hair, sea shells, and a glittery tail. However, this is a western romanticized version
of what is really an ancient elemental being that has been in existence since the first drop of
water. Merfolk exist in almost every culture around the world, and they vary in their historical
and mythological depictions. While some in the European tradition are portrayed as mysterious
beautiful maidens of the sea, others are fierce and complex archetypes representing aspects of Mother Ocean herself.

Some people mermaid as a hobby, some do it professionally. Whatever the reason most
mermaids are all drawn to water! Many who identify with the mermaid archetype are watery
people. Water symbolizes the sea of consciousness. Merfolk reside and thrive in this sea.
Although merfolk archetypes are as diverse as the creatures that reside in the Ocean, there are
several common traits all mermaids on the Earth plane possess. Mer-people tend to be highly
intuitive, emotionally sensitive, empathic, have a strong inner world, and have a deep healing
connection to water. To embrace your inner mermaid is to cultivate and amplify these watery
traits and abilities.

Embracing your inner mermaid involves working with the element of water. Working with the
mermaid archetype, and the element water increases sensitivity and emotional awareness, in
addition to your psychic connection to all things. Swimming, engaging in water rituals,
embracing self-love, body positivity and sensuality are all mermaid tools for personal
transformation and empowerment!

Water runs through our bodies, and serves as the life blood of our planet. Without our Earthly
oceans, life would not exist. Without our cosmic sea, creation would not exist. Water is often an
overlooked element. You can work and practice with the element of water anywhere, so long
as you know how to connect with its properties and principles. Water is a force to be reckoned
with. It is flexible, yet unyielding. Water can be graceful, and beautiful, but it can also be
destructive and unforgiving. To be a mermaid is to be as deep as the Ocean itself.

Event Details:

July 31st, 2021 at Tom McCall Waterfront Park
(between the Morrison Bridge & Salmon Springs Fountain)
This event is free of charge – but feel free to pitch in and help save the mermaids!

Thank you for your donation

Let’s keep this party going! #weirdportlandunited

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