Our Oldest Member Turns 101

Virginia Rankin loves bright colors and wacky costumes complete with tiaras and sequins, so it makes sense that she’d be a member of Weird Portland United. But what sets Virginia apart from the rest is that she is about to celebrate her 101st birthday on Friday, May 22nd. Indeed, Virginia is Weird Portland United’s oldest member, so in honor of her special day we are asking the community to help us celebrate with a drive-by birthday procession from 3-4 PM.

An Oregon native and life-long resident of the Portland metro area, Virginia has witnessed many important world events first-hand. She was born during the last several months of the Spanish Flu in 1919, but never had the opportunity to know her father as he fell victim to the pandemic several months later. She became a teenager during the Great Depression, and started out her professional life as a secretary during WWII. 

A lover of music, Virginia invited the Unipiper to perform at her 98th birthday, and she’s now an honorary member of Weird Portland United. The Unipiper will be performing between 3-4 PM at 907 NE 53rd Avenue. He is asking that community members who wish to drive by and show their support do so by driving or bicycling from North to South on NE 53rd. (Virginia will be viewing from the West side of the street) If anyone would like to dress up in costume, bring noise makers, and anything else to create a festive environment it would be greatly appreciated. 

Let’s show Portland we support our seniors, and that Weird is fun no matter what your age! Email with questions or comments

Due to the current covid-19 pandemic and the need for social distancing, we ask that participants do a slow drive-by, or bicycle visit from a respectable distance. We don’t want to place Virginia in any situation where her health may be endangered. NE 53rd is currently included in the Slow Streets, Safe Streets initiative and we have requested permission for this event.

Thank you for your donation

Let’s keep this party going! #weirdportlandunited

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