Weird Portland United is launched to celebrate what makes Portland unique

With a host of his favorite weirdos, The Unipiper successfully launched an organization to support the colorful characters who make living in Portland unique. With their non-profit Weird Portland United, he and many Portlanders look to retain the spark of artistry, different perspectives, and the fun-loving attitudes that have been carefully cultivated in our weird little city. They look to recognize the past, present, and future of offbeat arts that usually don’t receive mainstream attention.

The organization was launched in conjunction with a new Unipiper Hazy IPA from Portland Brewing, a huge kick off party and beer tasting at Dante’s, and performances from local and splendidly weird talent. The Unipiper, dressed as Willy Wonka, gave an impassioned speech about the value of weird in our community.  Performers danced the night away, spinning from the ceiling, lifting each other off the ground, and getting their burlesque on!

Thanks to the seed donation of $5000.00 from Portland Brewing, Weird Portland United will help create a weirder tomorrow where everyone is inspired to contribute to the city’s now famous culture of weird.

“Starting a foundation to formally recognize and protect the weird in Portland is an idea that I have been sitting on for many years now,” Kidd proclaimed to the enthusiastic crowd. “I’ve long thought that our particular brand of weird is unique enough to warrant coordinated efforts at preserving it.”

Nearly a hundred people were inspired to join Weird Portland United that night, enrolling in the membership program to become “Weirdos.” Donations, membership revenue, and corporate sponsorship will help the organization achieve their dream of keeping Portland Weird.

Membership information can be found online at

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