The Weird Portland Mural Project

The Weird Portland Mural Project
Call To Artists!!!

(Due April 15th – requires Google sign in)
Questions: Catherine Blanksby –

Full Project Details:

Weird Portland United (WPU) in partnership with Portland Street Art Alliance (PSAA) is accepting artist applications to create a new public art mural titled: “Welcome to Weird Portland”

We are creating this mural to celebrate Portland’s weird spirit and honor those who have kept it alive.

Please register your interest by completing the application form at  WPU and PSAA will select several finalists to award  a $500 stipend to complete a concept drawing of the mural from which to make the final decision.

Estimated Budget: $25,000

Application Due Date: APRIL 15, 2021 at 5:00pm PST

Submit Application:

Direct Questions to: Catherine Blanksby, 

WHO WE ARE:   Weird Portland United (hereafter WPU) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2018 to celebrate Portland’s unique innovative culture, amplify our creative expression and incubate an even weirder future.  As an organization, WPU discovers, promotes and nurtures the dreamers, creators and risk-takers that Keep Portland Weird.

Periodically we seek ways of recognizing those making significant contributions to our weird mission through awards, grants, hall of fame inductions, performance opportunities, and now, a fabulous, attention grabbing street art mural!

OPPORTUNITY DESCRIPTION: WPU will commission a local muralist and technologist to create an uplifting, colorful mural for a wall located in the central eastside industrial district of Portland, Oregon. 

It is the hope of WPU that this mural will become synonymous with ‘Keep Portland Weird’ and a premiere destination for those exploring the city. The mural should depict people and items from the list below, however artists are encouraged to incorporate other weird staples of Portland of their choosing. We see this project as a collaboration and a showcase for the artist’s individual style. WPU reserves the right of final approval for all elements depicted in the mural. 

Potential mural subjects (realistic or symbolic, subject to likeness approval):

-“Working” Kirk Reeves

-John “Elvis” Schroder

-Former Mayor Bud Clark

-Darcelle XV

-The Unipiper

-Carlos the Rollerblader

-Moshow The Cat Rapper

-Rojo the Llama

-Ramblin’ Rod

-Extremo the Clown

-Tres Shannon & Cat Daddy

-Tom Peterson

-Tall Bikes with Dingo and Olive

-Kay “The Lightbulb Lady” Newell

-WPU Logo

-Mills End Park

-Woodstock Mystery Hole


-Mr. Statue

-24-hour Church of Elvis

-Naked Bike Ride

-Goat Yoga

-Tiny Horse




-Adult Soapbox Derby

The theme of the mural may also be inspired by the following five words: Celebration, Community, Personality, Strange, Extraordinary.

TECHNOLOGY OVERLAY: A technologist will collaborate with the muralist to bring the work to life using an augmented reality (AR) smartphone app. Mural proposals should be made with the understanding that there will also be an augmented reality layer added to the work to help enhance the theme. Mural artists DO NOT need working knowledge of AR to participate nor does the art need to follow any special guidelines to accommodate the AR. 

This project is sponsored by WPU and funded by donations from the community.

LOCATION: Central eastside industrial district of Portland, Oregon. (Near the Doug Fir Lounge)

PROJECT DATE: Tentative mural installation timeline between 7/1/2021 and 8/15/2021.

MURAL WALL: Wall is located in a fenced parking lot at ground level and is smooth exterior stucco. The wall will need power-washing and priming before mural painting commences. Wall is approximately 100 FT W x 30 FT H (3000 SF) total, but the selected Artist is encouraged to either leave blank ‘negative space’ in the design in order to accommodate budget, or paint a mural in a smaller area high up in the middle of the wall (for example, a 25’ H x 40’ W (1000 sq foot) section). Prior to design work, finalists will be invited to a meeting to discuss the site and possible design approaches they may take.

MISSION OF PROJECT: To showcase Portland’s unique spirit and honor the weird and wonderful personalities in our community. Celebrate uniqueness. Create street art that is uplifting in spirit. Start a positive dialogue with our members/community. Create an art piece that is press worthy. Create a tourist attraction that is popular on social media and celebrates some of the positive aspects of life in the Rose City.


CRITERIA FOR SELECTION: A muralist will be selected based on a combination of design quality, professional experience, and price.

BUDGET: The estimated budget for the mural is $25,000 total, including all supplies, labor and equipment rentals.This project and budget will be managed by Portland Street Art Alliance (PSAA) and the selected artist. Insurance, equipment advice and paint discounts will be provided by PSAA.

INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS: The selected muralist will be required to have, or obtain, the minimum level of insurances required from the State of Oregon to be an independent subcontractor of Portland Street Art Alliance (PSAA). Portland Street Art Alliance is a local 501(c)3 nonprofit that will be managing this mural project in conjunction with WPU. PSAA provides sub-contracted artists additional liability insurance coverage while working on commissioned mural projects. The property owner of the building is added as an additional insured under PSAA’s liability insurance policy on a primary and noncontributory basis.

PSAA Management Duties: PSAA will assist WPU and the selected artist with scope of work development, contracting assistance, invoicing, planning activities, mural permitting, artist logistical support, mural process documentation, and promotions. 

Artist Duties: Selected artist will be a temporary independent contractor to PSAA and shall not be considered an employee. Artist will be responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations affecting licensing, safety, taxes, and insurance and all other regulations applicable to the work.  

APPLICATION: Please submit an application online via the form at by no later than April 15th, 2021 at 5pm pst.

Thank you for your donation

Let’s keep this party going! #weirdportlandunited

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