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Welcome to Weird Portland United.

The only non-profit dedicated to Keeping Portland Weird.



Weird Portland United celebrates our community’s unique innovative culture, amplifies our creative expression, and incubates an even weirder future.




WPU envisions a Portland devoid of barriers where citizens feel free to take risks, find success through living to their full creative potential, and take pride in their unique way of doing things.

Weird Portland United discovers, promotes and nurtures the dreamers, creators, risk-takers that Keep Portland Weird. In the face of rapid change we protect and lead Portland’s culture so that all Portlanders, from natives to newcomers, can contribute to our city’s now famous culture of weird.

weird portland united

2021 will be an exceptionally busy year as we unfold our new initiatives.

Some highlights include:

Weird Portland Awards, Weird Portland Museum and Hall of Fame, Weird Tours of Portland, newsletter and social media outreach, press events and much more


WEIRD \ˈwird \ adjective:
of strange or extraordinary character : ODD, FANTASTIC

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